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Damage Surveys


A damage survey is where experience, particularly hands on experience in boat repair really matters. While damage as a result of an accidental grounding may be most common, it can also be collision, dragging anchor, breaking free from a mooring and even sinking. Whatever the cause, no two boats are the same and neither will be the damage. Assessment requires an intimate knowledge of boat structure and a logical investigative approach


Damage surveys are most commonly carried out on behalf of an underwriter who commissions the survey as a result of a claim submitted by the owner.  They may also be commissioned by an owner who wishes to have an independent assessment of the damage. Monitoring of any repairs can also be carried out to ensure that work is done to the required standard. We aim to give the client a professional and realistic assessment of any incident and the best way forward.


With practical experience of repair and maintenance of all types of craft and with 14 years experience managing the busiest workshop on the Scottish west coast with a team of boatbuilders, riggers, and engineers, Melfort Marine can bring their specialist knowledge to the job ensuring that repairs are completed to the highest standard and that costs are kept in control. This has ensured a regular stream of contracts from all the major Marine Insurance companies



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